CBD Craze…10 Key Facts You Should Know

Information about CBD is intriguing to both users and sellers of the products and they both should know the
key facts.
CBD is not only becoming increasingly popular around the world but it has also become a craze. Despite all
these, a majority of people have very limited knowledge about it. They almost know nothing else beyond the
basic knowledge that CBD is a product of the hemp plant and has a number of health benefits. Many
different brands of other industries are highly interested in the race to get involved in the sale of CDB.
Recently, both Walgreens and CVS came out with announcement about their investment plan in CBD
product sales. In the same way, Coca-Cola is examining a marketing strategy that involves adding CBD to
their drinks. And even Oreos is not left behind in the idea.
Both consumers and business owners alike see a lot of potential in the CBD industry. In the recent months, I
have experienced the trend first hand in a new role as a marketer for a couple of top brands. Prospects of our
line of CBD creams, oils, and gummies becoming the next big thing in the market today are quite glaring.
Our prelaunch has attracted overwhelming interest and consumers hold that CDB is likely to be an
exceptional source of medication and well wellness.
Irrespective of all the prospective profits and healing which comes from the CBD, a lot of question are still
being asked on details about the CBD like what exactly it is, its importance and legal status. Initially, I could
not understand it when some of my colleagues on our crew tabled a proposal for a CBD snack.
My idea about CBD was limited only to the idea that CBD is nothing but marijuana which is illegal. Now, I
have combed through the internet and saw so much conflicting information which I thought should be
straightened out with these CBD facts below.

Oral CBD Oil, hemp oil

Below is a comprehensive guide that explains what you should know about CBD
1. With THC , you get high unlike with CBD
In spite of all people say and write about CBD, the product is incapable of making you high. The fact that
both CBD and THC are cannabinoids, doesn’t make them both a source of getting high. What THC contains
makes it a psycho-active compound which is responsible for the high that marijuana is associated with. The
effect that CBD has on the body is different.
2. CBD oil is different from hemp oil
CBD oil contains Cannabidiol and is an extraction from the cannabis plant. It is usually mixed with base oil
such coconut, olive, or MCT.
The source of hemp oil is hemp plant seeds and does not have to contain any CBD, or some other types of
cannabinoids. There are also a number of health benefits that are associated with hemp oil.
3. CBD is still in a legal gray area
Hemp and its derived products were legalized on a federal level in the Farm Bill of 2018. The Drug
Enforcement Agency (DEA), eliminated CBD hemp oil from being a drug or Schedule 1 controlledsubstance. The Farm Bill now stipulates on section 10113 that hemp will not be above 0.3 percent THC
Nevertheless, the CBD industry is still waiting eagerly for the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to
legalize CBD so it can enter the market as a supplement for sale. Many people are waiting to make the
purchases one it’s legalized. According to the agency, they are yet to equip themselves with sufficient
detailed information on CBD to be able to regulate the production, labeling, marketing, dosage
recommendations and distribution. I’ll provide more updates with the passing of more additional laws.

Legal in 50 States
Legal in All 50 States

4. The FDA is increasingly becoming involved
In a statement issued recently by the FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb M.D, the FDA made clarifications
about what’s in the pipe lines regarding the evaluation of the regulations that will govern the CBD industry.
On May 31, 2019, they had a public hearing which was good avenue to give a go ahead and support
researchers to do more studies on CBD. That also sent a message to the public that the FDA is working on
assessing ample data before announcing the much awaited CBD approval.

Safe and Effective
Safe and Effective

5. CBD is safe and forms no habits
In spite of the FDA not making any formal statements on the safety of the CBDs, the WHO (World Health
Organization) has made available some data, that reveals its positive position on the consumption of CBD as
being safe for its users.
6. CBD comprices two main methods of extraction
A larger amount of CBD is extractions from leaves and flowers as well cannabis plant stalks through the
following extraction methods; solvent or heat.
The solvent extraction method involves the use of solvents in the separation of compounds from the CBD
plant. The high end involves CO2 (Carbon dioxide) being used as a solvent. On the other hand, the low end
involves using harsh chemicals such as ethanol, kerosene, butane and more as the solvent. The second
method involves the use of steam as means of gently extracting the oil effectively.
If you are purchasing oil, base your search for quality via the extraction method that was used to produce to
the oil. CBD oil quality has a direct relation with its method of extraction. Check out the explanation Steve
Raack, an industry expert who also doubles the CEO of Vitalibis gives. Raack explains that hemp is a
natural plant and yet faint and contains abundance of incredible elements. If you want to create super quality
full spectrum oil, extracting CBD is essential alongside other plant compounds. This is done with no damage
caused to in the procedure. In case a destruction of cannabinoids or terpenes occurs, the efficacy of the
product will be tampered with and reduction efficacy will warrant an addition extra flavors for masking the
7. CBD is finding its way to consumers in many forms
Consumers of CBT are faced with a lot of hyped information around CBD and in reaction they are devising
other means to consume the product. Popular forms of CBD products in the market include oils, cosmetics,
tinctures, gummies, chocolate, topical creams, and beverages. Now, the number of food and beverage
industries that have adopted CBD into coffees, shakes and cocktails are increasingly going high.

CBD Chewable Gummies
CBD Chewable Gummies

8. The purported health benefits are remarkable
More and more research about the effects of CBD on the body are continuously being conducted. There is a
widespread belief that CBDs relieve anxiety, headaches, inflammation, head trauma, epilepsy, gut health,
arthritis, insomnia, chronic as well as acute pain and many more health conditions. In the entertainment and
sport world athletes and performers are looking into the perspective anti-inflammatory properties found in
CBD that can help enhance quicker recovery. Notably, the medical community is into rigorous explorations
of the health benefits of CBD and most especially its potential cancer-healing properties.
All these studies are amazing, but more research has to be conducted to understand how the human body
reacts to CBD. When that is completed, the FDA can then approve CBD for medical use.

Products are Highly Researched
Products are Highly Researched

9. Theres a big difference between full spectrum and CBD isolate
Have you ever heard of the term CVD isolate before? The term is a description of the crystalline power
made of only CBD. It is a CBD, which undergoes the highest amount of processing. It is processed and
contained in products that are made of synthetic or natural addiction flavors. All the research result
conducted in Israel indicates CBD Isolate efficacy is a Bell curve and that reduces the potency of the
effectiveness in several levels of the dosage.
The plant oil full spectrum describes goes farther than CBD itself. The extra compound also comprises of
essential cannabinoids according to suggestions from current studies. On full spectrum oil combining CBD
with extra compounds develops and entourage effect which has superior effectiveness unlike CBD alone.
10. Be aware of what you’re buying
With the standard for quality set by the FDA it is now the duty of the consumer to only buy after sufficient
information. However, experts of these industries suggest a couple of best practices.
Buy only from providers with third party testing.
Request to be sure if the product is of a full spectrum of oil or CBD isolate. Choose spectrum oil since it is
richer in nutrients and plant compounds. It is similar to an orange or a vitamin C.
You can inquire about the extraction method and whether it is from solvent.
It makes sense to expect another great year for CBD in 2020. With the 2018 Farm Bill, many entrepreneurs
and consumers dived into the industry enthusiastically. The industry’s projections and those or businesses
predict a boom. All eyes are only on the FDA about the regulation plans and the way states and cities will
heed their lead.
Though still a legal gray area the industry indicates and lot of potential in a few coming years. This
information will assist you to have understandably good information and good knowledge of CBD.

As Always….To Your Health!

Jerry Sikula

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